Performance Analysis

Green business: a brief financial profile of the Romanian eco-industry

Accounting / Performance Measurement / Financial Analysis / Performance Analysis

Tactical analysis of elite football teams – a mixed method aproach

Football (soccer) / Sports Performance / Sport / Performance Analysis / Sports Coaching / Sport Science / Tactical Performance Analysis / Sport Science / Tactical Performance Analysis

SYZYGY - A Framework for Scalable Cross-Module IPO

Performance Analysis / Performance Improvement

Considerações sobre análise musical e performance

Performance Studies / Performance Studies (Music) / Music analysis / Music Performance / Musical Analysis / Análise Musical / Musical Performance / Análise Musical / Musical Performance

Exploring collective spatial distribution in basketball

Performance Analysis / Basketball / Youth Basketball / Tactical Performance Analysis

The hot hand phenomenon: measurement issues using golf as an exemplar

Statistics / Sports Performance / Perturbation Methods / Golf / Sport Science / Momentum / Sports Performance Analysis / Momentum / Sports Performance Analysis

Analysing soccer using perturbation attempts

Dynamical Systems / Football (soccer) / Sports Performance / Sport Science / Momentum / Perturbation Analysis / Sports Performance Analysis / Coca Cola Analysis / Perturbation Analysis / Sports Performance Analysis / Coca Cola Analysis

Event-Related Brain Potentials During a Continuous Performance Test (CPT) Task in Normal Children

Working Memory / Evoked Potentials / Humans / Child / Male / Task Performance and Analysis / Performance Test / Task Performance and Analysis / Performance Test

Performance Analysis of Session-Level Load Balancing Algorithms

Decision Making / Performance Analysis / Performance Evaluation / Performance Improvement / Load Balance

Performance analysis of dual priority single-buffered blocking multistage interconnection networks

Performance Analysis / Performance Prediction / Network Design / Network Performance

Measuring IP and TCP behavior on edge nodes

Statistical Analysis / Network Performance / Performance Measure

Debunking the 100X GPU vs. CPU myth

Performance Analysis / OPTIMIZATION TECHNIQUE / Performance Measure

Performance analysis of degradable multiprocessor system using time scale decomposition of GSPNs

Performance Analysis / Performance Evaluation / Distributed Computing Systems
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